Support Work for Teachers
Sri Lanka


A tribute done to commemorate the passing of a Great Teacher of our lifetime The Most Venerable Ariyadhamma Maha Thera. It was not until after attending his wake, that we realize a very quiet monk as he was, was very well respected and loved by Sri Lankans from all walks and ranks of life.


TVQS was engaged by Buddhist Library in 2006-2007 to produce a recording to inform Tsunami Aid donors of their charitable act. The recording transformed into a documentary upon meetings of strangers who offered their stories to the filmmaker over 3 visits to Hambantota.

Dhamma Supported Since 2007

Singapore 2016

A rare visit by The Most Venerable Sitagu Sayadaw to Dipankara Theri's 1 day meditation retreat in Singapore on 31 Dec 2016.  Recording was done in support of a great master of Theravadin tradition who has immense goodwill and tirelessly engaged in active works to serve humanity with compassion and deep knowledges.

Singapore 2016

An Opening of a meditation centre situated in Muar, Johor, where Dipankara Theri goes through almsround among her students on her Birthday. A recording done by TVQS in celebration of her humility and tireless deliverance of dhamma to the less opportune people in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Singapore 2007

TVQS-initiated dhamma talk recording in 2007 June with the blessings of Dipankara Theri and supported by Family members of Wei Chin and Bro Andrew Lee. Translation collaborative work ensues in 2016 so more can benefit from the teachings made simple, for contemplation and practice. This video shared widely on Facebook. Dedicated to all beings.



33 Guanyin bodhisattva carvings. An experimental work on statue.



Luminary Research Institute and Luminary Buddhist Society host "2014 International Sympsium for Transdisciplinarity on Individual and Social Transformation : Transformation, Innovation and Lighting up our Lives. TVQS was requested to interview some of their international guest-speakers within two days' work.