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Books From Dhamma

TVQS publication of “The Happiness of a Beautiful Mind” in 2014, took almost a decade to prepare, 3 years to collate, and 3 months to organize for publishing. Book publication sustainability is always an existential threat to small and medium goodbook publisher, let alone exoteric text, that demands respectful attitude, professionalism, knowledge and goodwill from very few like-minded helpers. The Chinese translated Book 《喜满禅心》was also published by TVQS in  Oct 2015.

The books are not commissioned by Brahma Vihari but entrusted by Author Daw Dipankara Theri.

These books are for free distribution. In English Text and in Chinese Traditional Text.

Beautiful mind 2nd Edition EBook 17 Nov 2020 cover.jpg


TVQS publication of Yogacara books by Ven. CiHang, a high and prominent Chinese Monk who made his tracks across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Myanmar etc, was commissioned in 2008-2010. Without any background to publication then, TVQS took on the editorial and production role to disseminate through e-publication, the under-rated commentaries on the books which China Great Translator Monk XuanZang placed the most emphasis on after his return from Nalanda University, India.


These books are for free distribution. In Chinese Simple Text.









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