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Past Re-Expressions

Literary writing, re-expression from on our 1st season b/w photography works, in our mother-tongue languages (Chinese, Melayu, Tamil, English) touches on age, mind and perspectives, are written by several Singapore prominent writers. Translations into English are available in our ebook.

With photography works from several young photographers, an opencall for paintings brought in a wave of unexpected good works through My Art Space. The works shall be exhibited with b/w photography collection at our exhibition. We wish these works can travel to more community space or hospitals, as good arts touch with the mind not by their powerful forms of expression.


From literary writings, we have another re-expression into recitation that opens our 2nd season exhibition at Fortcanning Park on 5 Dec 2015. With special thanks to  巫漪丽, 陈锦祥, Azman Shariff and Ismahairie Putra Ishak who led the performance with their support to our theme.

Older but Wiser Recitals

The Very Quiet Studio 1st & 2nd season of a Three-Part work on the theme "Older but Wiser?" a long but soft look at Mental Fitness as we age. Teamed with 10 local photographers who are still avid users of film negatives, we get upclose to local street elderly shot between 2013-2015 around our city lorong, and avenues. Let their sighs, rushes, airs and shadows tell us a piece of their mind among our passing Uncles and Aunties.

"Trishaw Ride" - Writer: Nadiputra Almahdi 

《留守岗位》- 作者: 何乃强医生

《清洁大地的鸿图》- 作者: 蓉子

"Demi Sesuap Nasi" - Writer: Mokther HJ Hashim

《尊严》- 吴韦材

OBW Videos
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