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The Smile

if sometimes my smile is moistened by tear when I see the great pain that spread all over the world I shall still be smiling with tears in my eyes. Smiling to life smiling to death – “The Smile” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Older But Wiser

The project OlderButWiser is raising awareness, reflection and understanding towards our debilitating states of mind. OlderButWiser theme is about aging is a given, but not necessarily wisdom. Mind problems are not usually seen but felt, at times known too late due to self-neglect, pride or pleasurable distractions. TVQS felt asian heritage, creativity and value-minded community are good resources to heal but largely understated even ignored.


Our collected works are transformed into platform for further re-expression like literary works, recital, paintings, photography, song, dance etc. Hopefully, developed into an outreach, locally and regionally, to serve our common good.

Sponsors & Supporters

With the Support of

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Harmony Fund

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since 2015

OBW 2nd Exhibition 2015


Performance 2018


Performance 2018

English Forum 2014

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Older But Wiser Exhibition

Older But Wiser Exhibition

Older But Wiser Exhibition

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