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Story Kasina

Concurrent to the Asian Story Sound Sañña Project, a pilot CD working on Buddhism ancient and contemporary stories are selected to lay the bricks of the idea behind the project - Asian wisdom preservation through media artistry.​


The stories selected were based on commentaries, dhamma books, sutta, and dhamma talks. By the patience & support of the Sangha members, the recording went smoothly despite the limitation of time, space & resources. No Sangha member accepted any monetary rewards nor partake in the process nor choice of music making. No fundings was granted by any buddhist temple nor associations. 

The  collaborators & supporters share similar affinity towards the stories, and wish to delay rapid cultural erosion among Asians and loss of spiritual heritage, through this collaboration. Real Asia heritages & treasures cannot be stolen, only forgotten where we have buried them or when we unburden ourselves from the valuables too soon.

  • Beginning with Buddhism stories, our project aims to transform text into cinematic sound media  - not just an audio book or radio drama- but simple storytelling in cinematic sound collaboration to enhance our imagination than be fixated by dramatic appearances...


  • Each phase of work I-III, shall use the layout of cinema sound tracks, to lend wings to Asian music genres in each story performed. The re-emergence of a new stylistic genre close to the story culture origin is what we hope for​


  • We hope we may touch base again with our spiritual side as we get better at listening to past humanity that works..

Inaugural CD: Story Kasina

The Sound Sañña Asian Story Project idea was hatched in mid 2008, with the aim of preserving valuable stories in Asia for those with the least accessibility to high end technology and rising theatre expenses yet appreciative of simple modern convenience. Each recording with a Sangha member came in very slowly as if walking on foot to seek the master in the mountains in faraway lands.


Each musician came by the good fortune of timing and kindness to collaborate. The quality of words is not based primarily on their spoken English standard, unlike usual performances. By retelling ancient stories through this audio-cinematic newly invented genre, may we note and explore the sensibility and sensitivity of our minds, our imagination. In this way, the stories can be better understood, penetrated, remembered, and live on.

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