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On Health Literacy & Others

“ Patients and their family members often receive an overwhelming amount of health information ... often receive health information at times when they feel sick, distracted, and are not at their learning best. Healthcare providers may not always recognize these problems. They know the content is important, but problems arise when there are mismatches between the difficulty of the information and patients’ interests or learning skills. This is where health literacy comes in.” - Helen Osbourne, Extracted from Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, March 2006; Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 28-32

TVQS has been meaning to introduce use of very short animated works through new media for health literacy. These researched visuals, with low barrier in multi-languages environment, with localized Voice Overs, serve as informed choices for patients or caregivers who may need basic illness & medical knowledge, at their vulnerable times. If you wish to find out more to support or collaborate, please contact

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