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Sound Sañña

On a new Platform

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Artistic Motivation & Intent

Why the Urgency?

A collection of Asian stories, blending in Asian musical styles and music instruments, will help preserve Asian cultural heritage and revive the wisdom of Asian arts and culture, and help guard against the erosion of our ability to sense our inner wisdom and help us reclaim access to our inner wisdom.

Story kasina CD was first introduced at the 6th World Parliament of Religions at Salt Lake City, Oct 2015.

The choice of ancient Buddhism stories was spurred by the widespread influence of Buddhist culture and practice on many Asian cultures. The forthcoming CD would retain similar spiritual stakes and wisdom regardless.  While the stories may show the imprint of religious practice, we present them as an offering that transcends religious boundaries.

Risks & Challenges

The stories selected may be religious or spiritual, miniature or extensive, allegorical or realistic, historical or contemporary. The selection criteria  for the stories are largely intuitive, and seek to incorporate a long term vision.  Therefore they may show little or no obvious mass appeal and may not adhere to typical social norms. As far as possible, we will retrace each story to its source.

Sound Sañña paper for International Conference on Spirituality & Psychology ICSP2016 held in Bangkok by Tomorrow People Organization

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Preservation for Spiritual & Character Development


In the first phase production, stories will be read in English and recorded. These recordings will be combined with choreographed musical composition for accompaniment and sound effect in a final multi-soundtracks mixing.


The 2nd phase of development extends the Phase I concept to other stories in another language of Asia. These stories will be recorded in both its original language or in an English translation, or both.


The 3rd phase will extend the reach of sound sanna works for distribution through new media or into classroom

What You Give & What You'll Get

The cost of 1st CD production was substantially reduced due to extensive support in kind, and pro bono work from participants who trusted in the project. However to sustain production in future, we seek your support to pay for Vocal Artists, Musicians, Engineers, Story Researchers, Writers, Audio Recording, Production Space, Travel, Producer's Fee, etc.

For each contribution of US$200 to this culture-value- preservation work, a complimentary CD compilation of the final works will be mailed to you to thank you for your kind support. There are other perks with higher contribution levels. See perks. Our work will proceed one story at a time as funds become available, until a full CD repertoire can be produced. We humbly ask for your patience and trust as you wait to see your contribution bear fruit, as production timelines may be compromised due to lack of funds.

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