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CAMRE Instructors Background
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Ng Wei Chin   Xue Xing Fu  Gerard Sebastian Raj  Fen Leong  Dr Ghanavenothan Retnam  Queenie Kou  Yang Fan  Chong Wai Lun

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Meditation Guide

Ng Wei Chin

Wei Chin has both Masters of Engineering from NUS Singapore and Masters in Fine Arts from Film Production@USC in Los Angeles, USA. She started TVQS as a sole prop in 2007 and allowed  TVQS to organically evolve to what it is doing now : Artistic creation, Community interactions with art and social topics engagement, and promoting mental & physical self-cultivation.

Wei Chin started meditation in 2004 under the guidance of Daw Dipankara Theri Mahakammaṭṭhānacariyā - Great International Meditation Master from Myanmar. Since 2004 she has attended yearly retreats and continued with methodical meditation practice for last 19 years. She does not understand why asian originated meditation practice with long process and history, require certification from western universities. Moreover her teacher has encouraged her to help others with what she has learnt.

Her interest for meditation grows progressively as she has always been seeking the way to unconditional happiness.  The initiation to creating TVQS CAMRE workshop is an extension from Older but Wiser forums to grow our mind as well as our community, as we need both to stay balanced ...

She shall guide the participants through two entry level meditation methods: Mindfulness of breathing (Concentration practice) as well as lovingkindness meditation for oneself and others.

CAMRE is a pilot innovative workshop to impart participants the necessary skills to heal and build the mental-well in themselves.  These workshops aim to invite the burnouts, retirees and essential workers who are not diagnosed with clinical mental illness.  We believe the shrinking middle income group deserves as much attention and motivation before irreversible damage is done.  Guarding the spirit is just as important as bearing out social and/or family responsibilities asians tend to take on readily.

CAMRE is a pilot programme, but its foundation rest on some ancient asian philosophies which pre-covid modern worklife has neglected and systematically disregarded.  A single workshop comprises of a continual 16 sessions within 8 weeks, twice weekly. A single session consists of a mild exercise in movement or an arts experience (painting, literature, music therapy etc), concentration-based meditation (compassion towards oneself and others, and mindfulness of breathing). The very nature of some of these selected  asian heritage is counter-intuitive against contemporary City-Living setup. Hence it is highly encouraged that participants do not be imposing goal seeking and problem-solving skillset to their own healing process.

The aim of the CAMRE workshop is to help participants focus on connection within themselves, acceptance of their own being (including own problem) and buildup resilience (Patience, focus, threshold, and confidence) physically and mentally. Although these qualities are not easily quantifiable, we will facilitate with after class surveys to gauge the progress. 

May all be happily minded and secure.

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