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Connecting Arts and Mental Resilience Exploration 


The Very Quiet Studio Ltd is a Singapore Arts, Culture & Heritage Charity. Since 2007 it has been evolving through short production works, short asian stories Sound Sanna,  original performing arts (piano, dance & music, choir 2020), collaborative  exhibitions on local works,  "Older but Wiser" forums to discuss on acquiring wisdom  as we age, and original books publishing, including dhammabooks.


In 2014, TVQS began looking out for ways to improve mental wellness and promote/ archive/ revive asian wisdom through different means, mediums and collaboration. C.A.M.R.E. workshop is a culmination of past accumulated understanding through TVQS activities to build resilience 心灵建构. A self care workshop that includes meditation, arts activities and traditional & contemporary movement  for personal well being and growth. 

Video: Excerpts of Pilot Workshops in 2022

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

3rd intake 2023 Open Now

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If you would like to sponsor someone for the workshop, you can donate S$200 course fee to TVQS and indicate your wish CAMRE-GIFT. 

You can paynow to The Very Quiet Studio UEN 201631481G if you are a sponsor.

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CAMRE Workshop Feedback

Pilot Program Feedback


Do open more workshop - benefitted alot through the programme. 


When I first attended, I was having headache and health was poor. As the workshop continue, my condition improved and I can better concentrate.


I wish I have the opportunity to continue with these three courses of CAMRE workshop.. Because these knowledge need time and  continuous practice, to get the full results. Truly grateful to all the 3 instructors and to our coordinator QiuTing. 

静坐课也是摸索着,但最近睡眠质量很好。 如果可以继续多8周更好🙏

Though I am only beginning to explore meditation, it seems sleep qualityhas improved. If I can continue for another 8 weeks it will be even better!

CAMRE 8 weeks Workshop

Each workshop is 4 hrs per week. Each session is about 2 hour. 

There are 3 parts to the workshop: Meditation, Movement, and an Art activity.

Participant can pick a combination of movement and an art activity; movement & art activity shall be succeeded with an hour of meditation.

B: Movement (~ 1 hr) + Meditation (~1 hr) = 2 hr per session

C: Meditation (~1 hr) +  Art/Hobby (~1 hr)  = 2 hr per session

CAMRE Customed Workshop

A:  Meditation (~1 hr) = One sessions per week

Customed workshop (Different combination of A, B, C as above)
at workplace available for group booking.
Sessions without meditation are not available.

Marine Parade

Marine Parade RC May & June 2023 CAMRE 8 weeks Meditation, Art and Movement sessions per Option A, B, C.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 2.17.40 PM.png
Note: Option A has English and Mandarin Classes; Option B & C Classes are conducted in English and Chinese mix; 

Please read the following for all options at different sites.

Upon registration of any of the above option, we shall process your application to

  1.   ensure mental and physical capacity to attend in person. 

  2.   Please note that all options, availability depends on min. number of signup each i.e. min. 20.

  3.   No payment is required upon acceptance but prior registration is required.  No walk in.

  4.  All workshop sessions are in -person only. No remote participation.

  5.  Please bring your own sitting cushion. Art  material is provided onsite.

  6.  Participants who participate in workshop survey are highly appreciated. 

  7.  Attendance will be taken, and 80% participation effort is required.

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Commonwealth TaiSeng
CAMREIII 2023.03.26 Aspire RGB.jpg

C: Nagomi Art & Meditation

8 Classes
Day: Thursday
Time: 730pm to 930pm
Dates: 4, 11, 18, 25 May; 1, 15, 22, 29 June 
(no class on 8 June)
Venue: One Commonwealth, S149544
min. 20 participants @ $100 pax 

Introduction through Zoom Session on Friday 31 March 4-430pm

心靈建構 III 2023.0326 RGB Raga.jpg

C: Raga music & Meditation

8 Classes
Day: Wednesday
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Dates: 3, 10, 17, 24 May (no class on 31 May);  7, 14, 21, 28 June
Venue:  The Commerze @Irving
(TaiSeng mrt) 
min. 20 participants @ $120 pax

Note: Classes are conducted in English

Meditation Guide

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Ng Wei Chin 黄卫群

Meditation Guide 静坐指导/

TVQS Founder

Meditation is an essential part of everyday life, be it mundane or spiritual, if we wish to maintain a degree of sanity and clarity in our actions.

Movement Instructors

XueXingFu picjpg.jpg

Xue Xing Fu 薛兴福

Tai Chi Coach 



Fen 2.jpeg

Liang LiFen 梁丽芬

Yoga Teacher

What you will learn:

Yoga is a type of yoga that emphasizes holding poses for a couple of deep breaths with awareness in body alignment and engagement.

Gerard Seb.jpg

Gerard Sebastian Raj

Rhythmic Dance Movement Instructor

What you will learn:

The Rhythmic Sessions are designed to cater, boost and improve overall health of the participants.

Meditation Guide
Movement Instructors

Art Teachers

Art Teachers