Connecting Arts and Mental Resilience Exploration 


The Very Quiet Studio Ltd is a Singapore Arts, Culture & Heritage Charity. Since 2007 it has been evolving through short production works, short asian stories Sound Sanna,  original performing arts (piano, dance & music, choir 2020), collaborative  exhibitions on local works,  "Older but Wiser" forums to discuss on acquiring wisdom  as we age, and original books publishing, including dhammabooks.


In 2014, TVQS began looking out for ways to improve mental wellness and promote/ archive/ revive asian wisdom through different means, mediums and collaboration. C.A.M.R.E. workshop is a culmination of past accumulated understanding through TVQS activities to build resilience 心灵建构. A self care workshop that includes meditation, arts activities and traditional & contemporary movement  for personal well being and growth. 


CAMRE is a pilot innovative workshop to impart participants the necessary skills to heal and build the mental-well in themselves.  These workshops aim to invite the burnouts, retirees and essential workers who are not diagnosed with clinical mental illness.  We believe the shrinking middle income group deserves as much attention and motivation before irreversible damage is done.  Guarding the spirit is just as important as bearing out social and/or family responsibilities asians tend to take on readily.

CAMRE is a pilot programme, but its foundation rest on some ancient asian philosophies which pre-covid modern worklife has neglected and systematically disregarded.  A single workshop comprises of a continual 16 sessions within 8 weeks, twice weekly. A single session consists of a mild exercise in movement or an arts experience (painting, literature, music therapy etc), concentration-based meditation (compassion towards oneself and others, and mindfulness of breathing). The very nature of some of these selected  asian heritage is counter-intuitive against contemporary City-Living setup. Hence it is highly encouraged that participants do not be imposing goal seeking and problem-solving skillset to their own healing process.

The aim of the CAMRE workshop is to help participants focus on connection within themselves, acceptance of their own being (including own problem) and buildup resilience (Patience, focus, threshold, and confidence) physically and mentally. Although these qualities are not easily quantifiable, we will facilitate with after class surveys to gauge the progress. 

May all be happily minded and secure.

CAMRE 16 sessions per Workshop

Each workshop is 2 days per week for two months and a total of 16 sessions. Each session is about 2 to 2.5 hours that will include an hour of meditation lesson.

There are 3 parts to the workshop: Meditation, Movement or Exercise, an Art activity.

Participant can pick a movement and an art activity, both shall be succeeded with an hour meditation session and/or  we can customize the workshop by group request over discussion.

One Workshop with two sessions per week: One of each session below,
continuously for 8 weeks

MM: Movement (~ 1 hr) + Meditation (~1 hr) = 2 hr per session

MA: Meditation (~1 hr)  +  Art/Hobby (1 - 1.5 hr) = 2 hr ~ 2.5 hr per session

WC meditating sillhuote.png
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WQ Meditating Sillhoute.png
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Meditation Guide

WQ sqaure_edited.png


Ng Wei Chin 黄卫群

Meditation Guide 静坐指导/

TVQS Founder

Meditation is an essential part of everyday life, be it mundane or spiritual, if we wish to maintain a degree of sanity and clarity in our actions.

Movement Instructors

XueXingFu picjpg.jpg

Xue Xing Fu 薛兴福

Tai Chi Coach 



Fen 2.jpeg

Fen Leong 梁丽芬

Yoga Teacher

What you will learn:

Yoga is a type of yoga that emphasizes holding poses for a couple of deep breaths with awareness in body alignment and engagement.

Gerard Seb.jpg

Gerard Sebastian Raj

Rhythmic Dance Movement Instructor

What you will learn:

The Rhythmic Sessions are designed to cater, boost and improve overall health of the participants.


Art Teachers


What you will learn:

Ragas are Indian classical melodies that can relieve our nervous system. There are 72 ragas for 72 chakras discovered to help in healing the body..



What you will learn:

Nagomi or Chalk Pastel Art is a healing artform founded in Japan in recent years. The word Nagomi itself is associated with the word peace.

What you will learn:

Participants are introduced first to basics of vocal technique such as discovering our natural voice, cultivating optimal breathing and singing posture to strengthen support.

Marble Surface

Nagomi Art Teacher

Queenie Kou

Queenie Kou is a Singaporean artist.  In 1993, she completed a two-year Certificate of Western Art programme at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Since then, painting was a favorite hobby. In 2015, Queenie decided to devote herself fully to painting, after a long hiatus because of work.

She now paints from her studio in oil, acrylics, water colour, pastel, colored pencils, alcohol ink as well as in mixed media. Loving the luminosity that transparent paint can produce, she applies this glazing technique to most of her works. Ever curious, Queenie approaches her art with a playful attitude and a deep desire to discover the ways different medium work so as to create what she wants to express. Her paintings could be described as realism based on abstract structures. Her works have been featured at several local and foreign exhibitions.

In 2020, Queenie completed her certification as a Nagomi instructor with JPHAA (Japan Pastel Hope Art Association). A qualified teacher with the Ministry of Education, her love for teaching has also seen her engaged in teaching art classes in Singapore for both the young and old, island wide.